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We created a report for strategic decision making at Locatrix.


We developed a Gap Analysis report essential in strategic decision making.

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Case Summary

Locatrix offers a management system with security information and training for those within the built environment. The platform includes PlanSafe, an online safety induction, and an emergency management program. 

The course creation and training platform provided by Locatrix to its clients was entirely designed by developers and did not keep up with design and usability trends. The company then sought to understand the platform's functions more thoroughly to make the necessary improvements.

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PlanSafe is a highly complex application, and its purpose is related to local security guidelines. The big challenge was knowing all the platform's functions and understanding how it interacts with its different audiences.

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After listening to the primary needs of the people responsible for the product, we did an extended study of the platform. From this, we raised several hypotheses of problems. 

With this, we developed broad research involving interviews and questionnaires with all audiences related to the platform. Among them were managers, trainers, developers, vendors, and customers.

After cataloging and analyzing the interviews, we validated and discarded some problems and found others that had never been mentioned before.

With the conclusion of the research, we understood the whole situation and pointed out a series of improvements concerning the user experience and the design of the platform's interface.