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Drupal Site Builder Developer

Anywhere / Fulltime or Freelancer

Dexa is selecting developers with wide experience in Drupal 7 and 8. The candidate must also have proven experience delivering high scale and high performance websites.

Skills & Experience


  • Knowledge of code versioning (git).
  • Knowledge in installing and configuring Drupal website (using composer).
  • Knowledge in creating content types, taxonomies and views
  • Knowledge in configuring users and permissions in the CMS.
  • Knowledge in installing and configuring modules.
  • Knowledge in exporting Drupal configurations.
  • Knowledge in creating Drupal themes and subthemes.
  • Knowledge in creating  themes templates.1
Main responsibilities and functions


  • Install and configuring Drupal website (using composer).
  • Create content types, taxonomies and views
  • Configure users and permissions in the CMS.
  • Install and configuring modules.
  • Export Drupal configurations.
  • Create Drupal themes and subthemes.
  • Create themes templates.1
To Apply

To Apply

Submit your Drupal Org ID, Github ID and CV to . Please also highlight any additional involvement you have with any technical communities and/or events.